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Losmandy starlapse camera tracking mount assembly discontinued designed for the astronomer as well as the serious videographer, the losmandy starlapse camera tracking mount assembly will accurately track your camera or telescope for celestial observation. With pempro version 3 you can now correct your mounts periodic error, polar alignment. A step that i recently took was trying to develop a pec curve, something which i was not formally familiar with. Software bisque paramount me ii equatorial mount opt. If either answer is no, lunarg offers a free tool that could help. Personally i am turned off the losmandy starlapse because it is based on a losmandy gm8, which i have found to have poor periodic error, require regular user tinkering and maintenance, and is quite bulky and cumbersome. Support for new cameras and camera control programs including.

Lctools is a windowsbased software system for building, viewing, and analyzing light curves for the tess, k2, and kepler projects. Losmandy g11 equatorial mount w gemini 2 goto system. This can be done by replacing geminis socketed eprom chip. Explore scientific took the venerable losmandy mount and modified it to their own specifications to produce their version of the losmandy titan eq goto mount to provide users with a powerful platform built to support and move larger optical tube assemblies easily and. The original mount had typical periodic error in the range of 15 arc.

In fact something may be going wrong at the ra worm, since i get jumpy stars. The meiis belt driven motors are nearly backlashfree. Losmandys starlapse is a camera motion system that adds panning to timelapse movies. Collection of software bugs, glitches, errors, disasters like ariane 5, pentium bug, sleipner, patriot, mars climate orbiter, mars sojourner, london millenium bridge. No matter how precise, all telescope drives will have some periodic error, though it is already extremely low on the losmandy g11. Each of the 4 lunar phases new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter lasts approximately 7 days 7. Off axis polar scope, works in northern and southern hemisphere polar scope optional 7 lb and 11 lb extra counterweights available.

If youre tired of messing around with equatorial mounts that just cant handle your observing and imaging requirements, the losmandy g11 is definitely worth a look. Our friends at losmandy make a great product called starlapse losmandy. Company seven losmandy gm8 and g11 mounts description. The losmandy starlapse camera tracking mount assembly is an additional camera mount designed for the losmandy starlapse system. Panning time lapse with istopmotion for ipad and the losmandy. Losmandy gm8s equatorial mount with stepper motor drive the losmandy gm8s is ideal for all amateur astronomers who want to use a highquality mount for astrophotography, without goto but with highest precision. The software bisque paramount meii equatorial mount has a 240 pound 109 kg weight capacity, and only weighs 84 pounds. Losmandy g11 equatorial mount with tripod free shipping. A lifelong amateur astronomer, designer, and machinist, losmandy understands the functional requirements of demanding astrophotography and astronomy. With welded construction and 3 inch diameter legs, the g11s tripod is rock solid.

The losmandy gm8 mount is a highprecision portable 30 lb. Apr 03, 2012 our friends at losmandy make a great product called starlapse losmandy. Photoshop is probably the most common software for astrophotography, but freeware like gimp performs also quite well. The newtonian optical design is excellent for visual observing and offers you the largest aperture for the price. Explore scientific losmandy titan eq goto mount es.

My es losmandy g11 mounts periodic error pe is higher. The quality of your mounts pec recording and playback firmware is an. In reply to tradesmith45 may 1, 2017 if your load is only 7lbs a celestron avx would be more than enough and if you want to get a telescope down the line, your mount is good for up to about 15lbs for. German equatorial mounts are easily identified by their counterweight, which is used to balance the telescope across the primary axis of the mount, or polar axis, resulting in greater stability and weight capacity. Update photopills now and start using the wide angle lens of your smartphone in the augmented reality views. K3s astrophotography when i consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him.

I am going to give a try to all this at my g11 losmandy dating more than 20 years ago. Nasa cant find people to write the languages they really want to use. The losmandy g11 mount can be adjusted from 14 to 64. You need an 512kx8 eprom in the dip32 package, up to 120ns access time, 150ns usually works, too. This chapter guides you through the installation process of orbits. This level is also available as a simple plugin upgrade to anyone who already owns level 1, 2 or 3. Losmandy gm8 s german equatorial mount wiith stepper. I purchased my losmandy g11 mount way back in december 1993 in order to carry an astrophysics 105mm traveler. Owners of a losmandy gemini system are entitled to upgrade to the current software. Spatial analysis software is software written to enable and facilitate spatial analysis. Pempro v2 provides a way to use a low cost webcam or video camera to measure and adjust periodic error, polar alignment, and backlash.

If you have been an amateur astronomer for any length of time, you are well aware of the quality of losmandy. Instead, the camera mount is simply attached to the hour axis right ascension after it has been aligned to the north. Aluminum construction and knurled knobs for secure grip. Explore scientific losmandy polar scope for esg11pmc800. The losmandy g11 equatorial mount has been around for so long that it. Modifications include the use of the pmceight motor drive system, upgraded microstepper. Signals of any type dips or peaks, periodic or single events may be detected and recorded automatically. My losmandy g11s periodic error mounts cloudy nights. Periodic error correction for losmandy gemini what is periodic error and why is it a problem. Losmandy losmandy gemini 2 upgrade camera concepts. Works with both losmandy style and vixen dovetails. It should have lower pe than many of alternatives except for the astrotrac.

Update photopills now and enjoy a timer in the exposure. Diagram of full moon with explanation starmessage software. The advanced vx 6 newtonian telescope is an excellent entry to midlevel setup that can grow with you. The system can be ordered with all new losmandy mounts, or easily retrofitted by users who already own a g8, g11 or hgm200 mount. This web site is not associated with losmandy hollywood general machining inc. See the published research paper and product description for more information. Been watching this thread for a little while an getting the bug to do astrophotography. This can be a complex issue, but when dealing specifically with the es losmandy g11 pmceight mount, there are a few specific areas to investigate. If you have the g11 fitted with gemini and have the losmandy polar scope, then you may have noticed that if you adjust the polar scope so that it rotates nicely with the ra clutch loose, then when you tighten the clutch the polar scope starts binding. First, lets talk about the losmandy g11 equatorial mount, and then we will tell you all about the innovative opengoto computerized drive system by explore scientific. Jul 25, 2016 good evening chaps and chappettes, the clouds have rolled in so i thought id use my time wisely.

This page explains the full moon and the other moon phases with a diagram. My experience using skywatch for the alphea all sky camera from alcor systems. Gemini ii includes connectivity to all of todays popular software and devices. Starlapse uses for the proven technology of the equatorial mount losmandy gm8. All data represents actual results collected from a comprehensive pempro user survey. Saddle plate works with both losmandy style and vixen dovetail. The most recent version of geminis software, level 4, is provided with all new telescope mounts. Dual supported, ball bearing housed ground high precision brass worm. Working with the wonderful resource, by the name of michael herman, i was able to collect the necessary data that enabled its generation.

The losmandy g11 mount losmandy astronomical products. Losmandy gemini retrofit kit for gm8 g11 hgm200 g9. The losmandy gemini system is a dc servo motor based go to computerized positioning system designed by dr. Fourier analysis is a search for the sinsusoidal functions that, when combined, approximate the observed light curve. A losmandy starlapse is based on the gm8 with stepper motors and a simplified controller optimized for timelapse photography. Company seven losmandy gemini go to computer control. The pempro video interface application can work with any directshow or wdm compliant device including most capture cards and webcams like the philips toucam pro and meade lpi. Astrobin is an image hosting website specifically targeted to astrophotographers.

Astrotrac mounted on top of losmandy gm8 tripod attachment piece. The gm8 is a fine german equatorial mount, solidly built and capable of carrying an 8 sct without difficulty. Approve the cookies this website uses cookies to improve your user experience. If you have the 76second error, it will be obvious there. The losmandy g11 offers all the advanced specifications needed for a mount able to support also heavy telescopes, up to 27 kg. There is no guarantee that all the information is correct, but strives to provide the best information possible. The losmandy gemini 2 upgrade kit includes a touch screen hand controller and the main control unit.

Dovetail plate drops in and locks allowing for interchanging of any. Gm8 equatorial mount with tripod and dual axis drive. Im currently running a 200pds on a g11, gemini 1l4, with c2a as my planetarium and phd2 as its awesome. Losmandy declination axis module for starlapse system losmandy starlapse declination axis module. The gemini system has built in tpoint like pointing software that can use from one. The constant, mentioned above, is a relationship between your latitude and the angular distance the celestial pole is above the northern or southern horizon. For those unfamiliar with fourier analysis, the following comments might be useful. However, no machining is perfect, and the manufacturing is also constrained by the overall price target for the class of mount.

All machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized. In this photopills update, when using the augmented reality views, youll be able to choose the camera of your smartphone you want focal length. Periodic error is a slight oscillation in right ascension caused. All is well, my alignment is great, and i manage good 5min subs from my dslr. This is the mount that many of our more serious imaging customers graduate to once they have exceeded the capabilities of the more entry level mounts. Dovetail plate drops in and locks allowing for interchanging of any tube assembly reduces the need for dec weights. The energy consumption is very low, especially if you starlapse operates in the slow astrophotography mode. My eslosmandy g11 mounts periodic error pe is higher. Starlapse system with declination axis module by adding the declination axis module slaidec the starlapse becomes a complete german equatorial mount functionally equivalent to the losmandy gm 8 including autoguiding capability. Losmandy g11 german equatorial mount with dual axis motors and gemini 2 positioning system with hand pad. On most such mounts, the drive motor turns a worm gear which, in turn, drives a large disk gear attached to the right ascension axis. However, the starlapse system dispenses with the declination axis.

Losmandy mounts gemini and skywalker firmware lx200 and lx200gps mounts. Based on the famous losmandy gm8 german equatorial mount used by serious astronomers worldwide, the starlapse is constructed from machined aluminum and stainless steel, and can handle a payload of up to 30 pounds. If you want to see the current moon phase visit tonights actual moon phase and image of the moon. Explore scientific losmandy titan eq goto mount with pmc.

The starlapse mount from losmandy is ideal for astrophotography or video shots of landscapes, if you want to do without a lot of weight and luggage. Good image processing software is available from many companies or organizations. Losmandy is the only modular mount system with the versatility to mix and match axis to rightsize or upgrade your mount. Local 12 month warranty no need to return mounts to the usa servicing and spares based in sydney, australia typically with a 48 hour turn around. Upgrade your gemini 1 to the gemini 2 to take advantage of the latest goto system from losmandy, since you already have the servo motors installed on your gm8, g11, titan, or g9 mount, this upgrade is relatively easy. Is your vulkan application stresstested to ensure it behaves correctly across the wide range of hardware available in the marketplace. This site is here to help fellow gemini2 and gemini1 owners. Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, 068 degrees, large knob for. Losmandy declination axis module for starlapse system opt. This page gives you an overview of timelapse tools installation, upgrade and uninstall processes. Goerlich, a customer of company seven, for the losmandy titan, hgm200. As an alternative, losmandy offers the gm8g gemini 2 goto mount.

The pec menu allows for permanent error corrections to be stored in the. All losmandy modular mounts feature the gemini ii, one of the most advanced astronomical computers available today. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. About the losmandy g11 equatorial mount scott losmandy is the designer of the worldfamous g11 mount and tripod that works with most popularsized telescopes for the serious astronomer. What programming languages is used to write the software. The losmandy gm 8 can be loaded with up to 15 kg telescope weight.

The system can be ordered with all new losmandy mounts, or easily retrofitted by users who. If you want to do some imaging w the guider turned off as in a star poor region, bright planetary nebs, or just laziness, getting the pe down may be a good thing ive done some few minute unguided exposures, w the mewlon, when i couldnt find a good. Archive eq6pro vs gm8 vs g11 equipment discussions. This hand controller can be purchased from losmandy. This heavyduty mount is machined of aluminum and stainless steel, e. Losmandy g11 equatorial mount with gemini goto system. Ren original concept, control electronics, and all software programming, except for the servo subsystem.

The parabolic primary mirror minimizes spherical aberration to produce a sharper image near the edge of the field of view. Adjusting g11 worm gear backlash earwig haven observatory. Currently, there are several packages, both free software and proprietary software, which cover most of the spatial data infrastructure stack. Do you have a test lab with examples of all the gpus you hope your application will support. Starlapse from losmandy is the perfect system for astronomers and videographers who donait want to carry lots of heavy equipment when traveling to make astronomical images or timelapse motion pictures. Extend your vulkan test coverage with free lunarg tool. Periodic error is a repetitive variation in the sidereal tracking rate of a motordriven telescope mount.

The losmandy g11 glt is a high quality german equatorial mount with a 60 pound instrument capacity. Allows for the interchanging of any tube assemblyreduces need for dec. Stars can be made brighter, background sky can be darkened. Explore scientific losmandy polar scope for esg11pmc800 starlapse system g11ps explore scientific losmandy polar scope for g11 pmc8 eq mount this explore scientific losmandy polar scope is designed for explores g11 equatorial mounts with pmc8. Explore scientific losmandy g11 pmc8 goto equatorial. Dovetail saddleplate fits both d losmandy style dovetail or vixen style dovetail. Pec is designed to improve photographic quality by reducing the amplitude of the worm gear errors. Very well explained to get you started on doing a pec training correction job. I also recommend you do not fiddle with your hardware at all until youve determined you can get the best out of your software. Because pempro is such a revolutionary program, it really puts a mounts.

This site is not for profit and sells nothing and asks for no money for any help it provides. On mine, the 76second peak swamped the others in the frequency chart. Panning time lapse with istopmotion for ipad and the. I want to be able to click on a star and the mount move to or near that star. Feature tracking sharpcap lunar, planetary, solar and. It is a slowly rotating motor made for tracking stars. Explore scientific took the venerable losmandy mount and modified it to their own specifications to produce their version of the losmandy titan eq goto mount to provide users with a powerful platform built to support and move larger optical tube assemblies otas easily and smoothly. Hello everyone, i wanted to give an update on my efforts to improve the guiding accuracy of my gm811. To build this mount either counterweights or tools are required.

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